Mercato – Italian for market – is fitting for this proprietary line of Uva Imports wines. Organic, approachable, versatile, and authentic crowd-pleasing wines.





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At A Glance

Fans of the Italian trattoria, osteria, and local market can attest to memorable glasses of “bianco” and “rosso” enjoyed on lazy afternoons or with unforgettable meals. The Mercato wines represent this experience of getting lost in the local character of Italy’s countryside. Each vintage of Mercato is carefully selected with a slightly different blend to express the best expression of terroir and the growing season. A white wine from the romantic Verona region and a red blend from the rustic south, both local expressions of authenticity. An easy to enjoy pair of wines that are food-friendly and fruit-forward. Certified Organic farming.

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REGION: Verona, Veneto, Lanciano, Abruzzo

WINEMAKER: Fabio Zenato

ESTATE OWNER: Adam Richard

FARMING: Certified Organic

KEY GRAPE VARIETIES: Garganega, Chardonnay, Incrocio Manzoni, Montepulciano, Corvina, Merlot

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