This edition contains:

Saved by a Donkey – A WWII era tale of two brothers who planted a vineyard in spite of a hopeless time.

The Land of YES! – A story about the birth, the discovery, and the perseverance of a great Georgian winery.

It Was a Human Decision – What happens when you’re the 13th generation of an unbroken chain of winemakers; how families trust, risk, and create the future.

This edition contains:
If You Don’t Work, You’ll Get Nothing – The Phoenix that is Champagne Éric Taillet
American Passport or American Rootstock – An intimate interview with Françoise Roumieux that details her family’s emergence from the phylloxera epidemic into ceaseless leadership in Châteauneuf-du-Pape
This edition contains:
It Was Not Tragic. But It Was Important. – How the winds of life turned Mauro Mauri into an ardent naturalist who forged his own path in the womb of natural wine.
There Is No Recipe – The philosophy guiding some of the freshest and most exciting wines coming from Argentina today.