At Uva, we believe that wine synthesizes passion, history and nature. Each vintage represents a chapter in the story told by the land and encapsulated by people.

The thrill of discovery drives the team at Uva Imports. A young Adam Richard embarked on several backpacking trips through Europe in his early twenties, visiting wine regions along the way. His adventures gave way to purpose when the opportunity to live and work in Italy materialized. In Italy, Richard developed relationships with several winemaking families who would become the inspiration and foundation of the Uva portfolio, which he established in 2009.

Many of these families evolved into lifelong friends and partners. The journey began in Italy, but it did not end there.

With the addition of Adam Fox in 2019, we expanded our family to include producers from around the globe. Our team now spans the United States and Europe, with hubs in Atlanta, GA, New York City, NY and Alba, Italy.

Having a talented diverse Uva team nationwide brings a rich array of perspectives, skills, and experiences that fuel innovation and drive sustainable success.

Barolo Italy
uva imports team tasting in the vineyard
uva imports staff

Partnership and longevity are our core values at Uva Imports.

Our producer and distributor relationships, new and old, are built step-by-step over years. The inclusion of new producers into the family is not taken lightly. We rigorously search for producers who take a holistic approach, not only to farming, but also to businessmaintaining quality and value while celebrating tradition and regional typicity.

We work closely with our producers and stateside partners to ensure that integrity and stewardship are top priorities, from their soil to your table.

We are proud to work with producers who embody sustainability. The majority of our portfolio is comprised of wines produced through organic farming practices.


Sustainable winemaking preserves terroir expression, promotes vineyard health, minimizes chemical residues, and ensures long-term viability. Organic farming methods employ natural alternatives to chemical pesticides, herbicides, and synthetic fertilizers in order to nurture the soil and protect the vines. Biodynamic farming takes it a step further, using holistic practices that align with the rhythms of nature. Through practices such as minimizing tillage, utilizing cover crops, crop rotation, composting, and integrating livestock, regenerative agriculture aims to improve the resilience of the vineyard ecosystem. Whether it is the judicious use of sulfur, indigenous yeast or minimal intervention, the hands of our experienced winemakers craft wines that embody the unique characteristics of their origin.

We are profoundly grateful for the hard work, dedication and generations of excellence embodied by our producers. We are happy to share these experiences with you and hope it brings you as much joy as it brings us.