Veneto, Verona, Lanciano, Abruzzo

Vino Bianco

Garganega 50%, Chardonnay 35%, Incrocio Manzoni 15% (for aromatics)

Pesce, pronounce “Pesh-ay,” means fish in Italian and this refers to the fact that this wine goes perfectly with all manner of seafood. A classic Veronese table wine, this is a common blend of the grapes grown around the city of Verona. A lush and expressive wine with notes of apple, pear, and lemon. A dry wine with med/full body and a balanced finish that is both refreshing and firm.

Points of Interest

This area of northern Italy is about halfway between Milan and Venice and makes for a great stop to see the castle and to tour the nearby city of Verona (Romeo and Juliet). The local grape, Garganega, pronounce (gar- GAHN-neh-gah) is grown on volcanic soils mixed with clay. It is one of the most beloved and important white grapes in all of Italy. After one taste we think you will understand why we love it so much.
Vino Rosso

Montepulciano 50%, Corvina 40%, Merlot 10%

The Carne has soft, dark red fruits of plum, cherry, and blackberry, with undertones of tobacco and warm spice. Easy on the palate, it is medium bodied with soft tannins and a classic, dry finish. This is Fabio’s take on a classic red table wine. The Corvina highlights the dark red and wild fruits, adding a bit of spice and pepper. Montepulciano fills out the body of the wine and the Merlot is present in the finish. A wine that begins strong and finishes with elegance and ease.

Points of Interest

The pleasure of drinking wine in the small, family owned, markets and local restaurants of Italy cannot be overstated. In beautiful villages, in the moment, nothing seems better. And it is so affordable! The simple glasses or carafes of red or white wine, served with local comfort foods, was the inspiration behind the Mercato project. We thought a fun label and name would capture the endearing quality of these moments.