Joanna Dubrawska is on a journey, exploring the world through the grape vine. If you taste her wines, they will take you on an epic journey as well. A pure, natural expression from the earth to your lips.



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Wine press by maninalto
Maninalto vineyard in France
Female winemaker imported by Uva Imports
Organic grapes in France

At A Glance

We are excited to present to the U.S., this nomadic natural wine project from Joanna Dubrawska. Formerly with COS in Sicily for 5 years, Joanna moved to France and worked with the Cazotte family in Gaillac, Sud-Ouest, southwestern France. Joanna utilizes natural techniques like biodynamic farming, spontaneous yeast fermentation, amphora, and no additional sulfur when possible. Exploring the natural world, through winemaking, Joanna has now made wine in Sicily, Gaillac, Savioe, Loire, and now with this new vintage, Spain. From organically farmed Xarello in the Penedes, with her friend Oriol Artigas.

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REGION: 2018 France, Gaillac; 2019 France, Savoie; 2020 Tours, Loire Valley; 2021 Penedes Spain

WINEMAKER: Joanna Dubrawska

ESTATE OWNER: Joanna purchases fruit from friends

FARMING: Organic with biodynamic treatments

KEY GRAPE VARIETIES: Depends on vintage, 2019: Jacquère and Loin de l’œil, 2020: Grolleau, 2021: Xarello

Grapes in amphora for Uva Imports
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Maninalto, a reference to the vines that are the hands of the earth, offering the fruit of its work…I always work with organic vineyards and often biodynamic practices. In the cellar I follow my notes from all the year, trying to find out what would be the best way to capture all the details important for the current vintage.” –Joanna Dubrawska