Vino de España Blanco 2021
Penedes, Spain


The color is golden from skin contact, a delicate color reminiscent of the Xarello grape. Great aromas of jasmine and citrus with pithy orchard fruits, develops with depth and structure on the pallet supported by fresh acidity and a lively finish. A natural wine from a nomadic wine producer.

Points of Interest

2021 offered Joanna a unique opportunity to spend time in Bonastre, Penedes, south of Catalunya in northeastern Spain. Whole cluster maceration in steel tank for 52 days on the skins, without punch downs, racking, zero intervention during the fermentation. Each year Joanna works with a different natural wine producer, trading her time for grapes to make her Maninalto project. Made in the cellar of Oriol Artigas, Joanna harvested with the Artigas’ team, producing 200 cases.
Maninalto Vin de France 2020
Tours, Loire Valley


The Grolleau grape is capturing the attention of people all over. Dominated by red, tart cherry fruits, the nose abounds with other wild, forest fruits as the wine opens up in the glass. A vibrant and fresh wine on the pallet with medium body and a lovely acidity, without aggressive tannins, through the finish. A natural wine from a nomadic wine product – only a few hundred bottles produced.

Points of Interest

Joanna Dubrawska invites you along as she explores the world of wine with a new project every year. Always something different. Beginning in Sicily more than five years ago, this new release from the 2020 vintage found her harvesting Grolleau from her friend Adrien Baloche’s biodynamic vineyards. Natural wine techniques are at the core of Joanna’s philosophy. She strives to express what the earth has offers in an honest and thoughtful way.
Maninalto 2019
Savoie & Gaillac regions

75% Jacquère (Savoie), 25% Loin de l’œil (SW France)

Each wine from Joanna, under the name Maninalto, is completely different. One of the aspects of the natural wine movement is to be creative and think outside of traditional limitations. One way of doing this is to combine organically grown grapes from opposite ends of France in a manner that has never been done before. A skin-contact white wine that expresses a harmonious blend with white flowers, citrus, and hints of honeycomb.

Points of Interest

Joanna Dubrawska invites you to follow along as she explores the world of wine. From Sicily, to the French Alps, and the foothills of the Pyrenees, she seeks out inspiration in nature’s beauty. Her passion breaks with tradition to make distinct, inspiring wines. Natural wine techniques, as well as organic and biodynamic farming practices, are at the core of her philosophy. She wants to express clearly, what the earth offers up.