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Black Cottage founder and owner, David Clouston, worked in vineyards around the world before returning to his native New Zealand to craft this line of crowd-pleasing wines with the help of winemaker Sanna Stander.



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At A Glance

The Black Cottage was David Clouston’s home in the Wairau Valley. Now it symbolizes the estate and down-home feel of the wines and the passion he feels for his Marlborough homeland. For more than a decade, he traveled and made wine in France and the Americas. This inspired him to craft wines with freshness, structure, and terroir-driven identity of his homeland. Returning to New Zealand, David used his family contacts, knowledge, and experience to seek microclimates that give the Black Cottage wines their unique gusto. His pursuit of excellence lead to the single vineyard series Two Rivers; 2,000 bottles made from each site’s best fruit. Expertly elaborated with the help of winemaker Sanna Stander, these wines offer a refreshing take on the classic New Zealand style. Certified SWNZ sustainable.

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LOCATION: New Zealand

REGION: Marlborough

WINEMAKERS: Sanna Stander and David Clouston

ESTATE OWNER: David Clouston

FARMING: ​Certified sustainable SWNZ

KEY GRAPE VARIETIES: Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay

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