Piolo & Max

Based in Trieste, Piolo and Max make small-batch spirits in their “laboratory”. Each batch, 100 liters or less, is made with the freshest ingredients. A difference you can taste.    



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At A Glance

To capture the Piolo & Max team for a group photo is nothing short of a miracle. This small and dedicated crew are always on the move tending to every aspect of the production, packaging, and marketing of these remarkable, hand-crafted spirits from Trieste, Italy.

The substantial and imaginative range runs the gamut from gin to flavored liqueurs, Amaro to bitters. In fact, the next time you mix a Negroni…make it an all Piolo & Max cocktail with Middleurope Gin, Vermut Woman in Red, and Tizio Rosso Bitters!

Tech Sheets
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