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The Le Morette winery is named after the tufted duck species that nest on the family’s property at Lago del Frassino. Because of this habitat, no chemicals are used in the vineyards.




Chemicals Used

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Less than a mile from the beautiful southern shoreline of lake Garda, Le Morette uses only the best estate fruit. Not to be confused with their cousins at the Zenato bottling company, this branch of the Zenato family tree has been grafting vines, studying indigenous varieties, and farming for three generations. The winery derives its name from a local duck, sacred to the ancient Etruscans, still protected and highly regarded today. The family’s expertise with the unique glacial soils around lake Garda help exemplify the flavor and character of their native varieties: the historic white grape, Turbiana (related to Verdicchio), and the classic red grapes in Bardolino, Corvina, Rondinella and Molinara. Fabio and his brother Paolo are creating some of the most compelling examples of these native grapes with organic practices, affiliated with World Biodiversity Association.

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REGION: Lugano and Bardolino

WINEMAKERS: Fabio and Paolo Zenato

ESTATE OWNER: Fabio and Paolo Zenato

FARMING: Organic farming practices

KEY GRAPE VARIETIES: Corvina, Rondinella, Molinara,Turbiana

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Defending, enhancing and protecting biodiversity is a daily mantra. It is our land, our environmental heritage that we love and want to leave as intact as possible to our children. For us, sustainability is not just an ethical or idealistic choice. It translates into the adoption of an integrated agriculture, with the purpose of defining the vegetative-productive balance of the vineyards, using only organic and nature-derived products on our soils.” –Fabio Zenato