Negrar VR, Italy (Valpolicella)

Rosso del Veronese
Veronese Rosso IGT

50% Corvina and Corvinone, 30% Rondinella, 15% Sangiovese Grosso, 5% Molinara

This wine represents an estate blend with classic Valpolicella grapes; Corvina, Rondinella, Molinara, along with the secret ingredient, Sangiovese. The Sangiovese heightens the red fruit component in the blend, a fruit-forward style with complex aromatics of herbs, underbrush, and fruit. The palate is supple and relaxed with tannin and acidity that provide texture and are only revealed in the finish creating length.

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Luca Fedrigo approaches winemaking and farming with a natural, minimalist approach. His philosophy evolved in his teens working alongside the famous Valpolicella guru, Giuseppe Quintarelli. The artistry of Quintarelli in the winery has blossomed in the L’Arco cuvées through a traditional style, long aging, and masterful blending.
Valpolicella Classico Superiore DOC

60% Corvina and Corvinone, 30% Rondinella, 10% Molinara

The classic wines of the Valpolicella are centered around the dried grapes used for making Amarone. The Ripasso style refers to the repassing of fresh juice over the dried, pressed skins after the Amarone is made. This process makes for a truly enjoyable wine, combining complex fruit flavors of both dried and fresh fruit. The palate is giving and lush with a fine weight that brings with it cigar box spice notes and wild herbs.

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This is no ordinary Valpolicella Ripasso. It is from the coveted Classic zone and it is a superior style, both in name and in attributes. 3 years of aging before bottling, this wine spends 2 years in large traditional Slavonian oak barrels. A dry, structured wine that will age gracefully, the L’Arco Ripasso is a testament to perfectly cultivated old-vine vineyards, native yeast fermentation, and decades of expertise in both the vineyard and winery.
Veronese Rosso IGT

50% Corvina and Corvinone, 35% Rondinella, 15% Molinara

This wine embodies the approachability of Ripasso and the depth and concentration of Amarone. Meticulous grape selection and aging develops flavors of Bing cherry, dried raspberry, fig, fresh herbs, and baking spice. The bright, lush fruit flavors allude to sweetness with a balance of acidity that creates a crowd pleasing experience.

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“Pario” is latin for equal parts, highlighting this artisanal blend of Amarone and Ripasso. Luca’s unique blends are inspired by his time working with Giuseppe Quintarelli. Luca works every part of process from bud break to bottling, highlighting that it is the farmer, with an intimate knowledge of the vine, who makes the best final product.
Veronese Rosso IGT

Cab Franc 40%, 30% Corvina,15% Rondinella, Molinara 5%, Merlot 5%, Cab Sauv 5%

This wine has a special place in Luca’s heart. Named after the latin term for ruby, it combines the classic Amarone with dried Cab Franc, which is ruby like, in size and color. The rich, concentrated flavors of Amarone share the stage with more earthy flavors accentuating the tobacco, oregano, green peppercorn, and tannins of the Cab Franc.

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This is a special gem in the crown of the L’Arco estate. In 2004 Luca planted a field blend of Bordeaux varieties, with a focus on Cab Franc. These dried Bordeaux grapes are blended masterfully with Amarone. The tannin structure of the small berry of Cab Franc gives this wine an age-worthy structure that will not disappoint for many years. This wine is aged a total of 4 years before release, with 3+ years in large Botti barrel.
Amarone della Valpolicella Classico
Amarone della Valpolicella Classico DOCG

60% Corvina and Corvinone, 30% Rondinella, 10% Molinara

Luca is a master craftsman. At every stage; farming, harvesting, drying, and aging, Luca’s attention to detail stands out. This wine is a testament to perfection because it is only bottled in special years. Everything has to align perfectly over 4 years of maturation for a wine to be bottled as L’Arco Amarone. Flavors are classic with dried fruits, plum, wild currant, smoked herbs, and spices. What stands out is the texture and evolution on your palate, as it expands and lingers for a complex finish.

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Amarone wines have become the flagship of the region and are some of the most sought-out wines in the world today. This wine will easily age 20 years. The grapes are dried 90-120 days, and the concentrated juice represents countless hours of labor and care. After this laborious process the wine is matured in large botti for over 3 years with a total of 4 years aging before release. After the third year, Luca decides if it will be bottled as Amarone.
Valpolicella Classico DOCG

55% Corvina, 35% Rondinella and 10% Molinara

“Recioto,” as in “Recioto della Valpolicella,” refers to a dessert wine made from grapes that were dried on mats after picking. This process turns the grapes closer to raisins, concentrating the flavors. Raisins-turned-wine — rich and sweet.

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Raisins are pronounced in the aromas and present with pleasing suggestions of candied black cherries, cinnamon and toasted oak. This is a dessert wine that, while sweet, still delivers mouthwatering, lively acidity and a lingering finish. The perfect end to an evening and a tribute to the flavors of the Veneto.
Passito Bianco
Passito Bianco Veneto IGT

80 % Garganega and 20% Trebbiano di Soave

Passito describes a wine that was made using the appassimento “drying” method in Italy. Fermented raisins offer complex aromas of pecan pie, cinnamon, cardamom, fig, toasted nuts, and compote. A sweet dessert wine marked by developed layers and texture with a lingering nutty finish. The perfect end to an evening and a tribute to the classic character of the Veneto.

Points of Interest

There are so many reasons that make this a special wine. Only 500 Liters produced from a single barrel, this is the only vintage released, 2016. From just a few rows of old vines planted in the 60s, this is usually made as a white wine for the family. Luca likes his experiments, be one of the lucky few to every try this artisanal dessert wine aged 7 years before its release.