De Vinosalvo

Wines with a personal touch, De Vinosalvo is a intimate project that captures the beauty of life’s journey in the bottle.



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At A Glance

De Vinosalvo produces hand-crafted wines from two small parcels on the Maremma coast of Tuscany. Australian-Italian emigree Alison Hodder is the winemaker and chief dreamer – responsible for expressive wines that capture the energy of the wild landscape that surround them.

This is the type of passion project that we get excited about. Alison carefully selected the land, planted specific clones in 2010, and tends to every step of this tiny operation of 4 hectares where she produces just a few hundred cases of each wine.

Alison earned an enology degree in Australia and after several years as a winemaker at home she left for a post-grad degree in Italy. After working for the Food and Agriculture branch at the EU for 30 years, she is back to tending her own vines with her husband, Claudio.

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LOCATION: Cinigiano, Tuscany

REGION: Maremma Coast, Montecucco DOC

WINEMAKER: Alison Jane Hodder

ESTATE OWNER: Alison and her husband Claudio Berlingieri

FARMING: Regenerative viticulture with a greater focus on soil health than in standard organic viticulture.

KEY GRAPE VARIETIES: Sangiovese and Syrah (or as Alison prefers, Shiraz)

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We’re blessed with an abundance of biological diversity around our vineyards, surrounded as they are by woods, hedgerows, meadows and with creeks running by the bottom of both vineyards, and we’re striving to work by the motto “tread lightly on the planet”. Our vineyards are managed in an earth-friendly manner – with minimum tillage, organic fertilization, and plant health management that looks to the agro-ecological approaches of sustainable viticulture.” –Alison Jane Hodder