Il Grappolo

The typically humble and ubiquitous Sangiovese grape takes on elevated status in the Brunello DOCG. “Sassocheto” exemplifies the best characteristics of iconic Brunello.




native yeast

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At A Glance

This Brunello speaks to the legacy represented by the coveted Montalcino vineyards. Rich and robust in character, Sassocheto is sourced from the single best vineyard of the Il Grappolo estate at 1000 feet above sea level for structure and freshness. These rocky, mineral-rich soils of south-facing vineyards contribute to the great character of this masterfully crafted wine. Fermented with native yeast, aged in large traditional Botti and neutral French barrels for a minimum of 30 months, the best barrels are then selected for the “Sassacheto” with 5 years of aging before release. Rigorous sustainable farming practices.


REGION: Brunello di Montalcino

WINEMAKERS: Stefano Tofanelli

ESTATE OWNER: Aldo Giovannelli

FARMING: Rigorous sustainable farming practices


Workers pruning wine grapes in Tuscany
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“The vineyards that produce our Brunello grow on a broad terrace, worked by the ancient Etruscans, that faces south towards Monte Amiata and west towards the valleys of the Maremma. Just a few hundred metres away was an Etruscan road that served as the main link between Cortona in the Apennines and the coastal city of Roselle, today’s Grosseto. Roman settlements rose on the hill that dominates the estate, and in the Middle Ages the fields probably belonged to estates dating back to the 12th century.”