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The most direct translation of Zingara means “wanderer.” Others use the word to denote a gypsy, a nomad or a traveler.

It is a fitting name for this wine, bottled from carefully selected barrels as Uva Imports founder Adam Richard traversed Italy. Through his experience and relationships, fostered over more than two decades, Adam has assembled a collection of value driven wines that genuinely express each varietal’s character.

The Zingara line embraces traditional Bordeaux grapes Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon – which have found a welcoming home in Italy. The remainder of the lineup reads like a who’s who of Italian wines: Sangiovese, Chianti and Montepulciano stand as a solid stable of traditional Italian reds. The Pinot Grigio is ripe with character and fresh fruit – an easy drinker that is among the most popular of Italian white wines. Lastly, Zingara Prosecco is focused, crisp and pleasingly effervescent.

As always, Adam samples every tank and barrel before making his choices and then only selects wines from small, family farms that put a premium on heritage, attention to detail and quality.



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