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Shrouded in mystery, this project is aptly named Vandal because they aim to disrupt the status quo. The story goes that as winemakers from prominent companies their non-compete clauses don’t allow them to promote their own project so the culprits will remain unnamed and the sources undisclosed. It all started one sunny day, when three friends decided to collaborate and make wines together under a single brand - Vandal. This “side project” gives each member the scope to make wines they would not normally have the opportunity to put into bottle. These wines could be considered a bit “weird” in the conventional sense, however, at the core of the Vandal ethos is ensuring that they are crushable, so don’t freak out just yet…. The idea is to work with good sites, all in the southern valleys of Marlborough, and to use winemaking techniques that are out of the ordinary. They aim to bring fun and excitement back to enjoying wine in all of its variegated beauty!

Speaking in Vandalese: Vandal - The Vandals stuck it to the man, or more specifically the Roman Empire back in the day. Gonzo - Things never got weird enough, he was known for his eccentric passion and performance Bats – Bats are cool. But more importantly just be yourself, unless you’re Batman…then be Batman

“We all reached the point at the same time when we wanted a creative outlet; a side project. We met up over beers and came up with this.”



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