The Uva Imports Philosophy

At Uva Imports, our mission is to seek out small wineries that are making wines truly reflective of their territory, the local grape varieties they use and the skills and aspirations of the winemakers—often dating back generations—and make them available to you. We are passionate about uncovering the ‘undiscovered’ and introducing these distinguished wines to the US market.

All of our producers tend the vines themselves and nurture the juice from vine to bottling, lending a personal nature that will delight your palate. We seek out producers who also respect the environment and use minimal intervention in the vineyard. While a few of our wineries are certified organic, they all have unqualified esteem for the land of their fathers and perform each task with a mission to never negatively influence their wines.

We explore small, timeless villages around the globe. We have tromped through muddy vineyards and shivered in the cellars, tasting tank samples with winemakers who still take great joy in the process. We love the impossible complexity of a carefully crafted bottle of wine and the equally complex beauty of the people and lands that produce them. We thrive on discovering wines that represent not only the highest quality but also excellent value.