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Rush G.

Rush G.

Our trip in September of 2017 was a great time for the entire group. The personal relationships that Natalie and Adam have built with these various winemakers were forged over tables of great food and wine and their intimate knowledge of the towns and specific regions is impressive. You will see up close the warmth and generous hospitality that your host wineries will extend to the group. With plenty of activities and several breathtaking sights to behold this tour is highly recommended to even the most seasoned traveler. Each day was packed with plenty of outstanding regional cuisine coupled with stellar bottlings of some of the countries’ most compelling wines. (The Grappa and Amaro were personal favorites as well)

Concentrated in northern Italy this was a well paced trip that offered plenty of time for taking in the local feel of each town we toured. The history and charm of towns like Alba, Barbaresco and Barolo in Piedmont makes you feel like you are in a time warp placed in a much simpler age. The ancient amphitheater in Verona would serve as a world class tourist attraction if it weren’t still in use today! Not to be outdone are Lake Garda, Valpolicella, Friuli and Trieste all of which offer equal parts gorgeous vistas, world class cuisine and fabulous wines. Then there are the people. You wont find a more genuine, kind and festive folk anywhere!

This trip is a must for anyone interested in old world charm and eating and drinking like royalty. You wont find a more well connected host and hostess who have seamlessly woven themselves into the hearts of everyone that they know and meet…Cheers to Natalie and Adam for making this experience a shared one!

Sandra P.

Pure pleasure! Every day was a new adventure planned to a tee by Adam and Natalie. They were professional and gracious and never disappointed. Everything was so organized and well thought out. It was apparent much work went into the plans for every day. Beautiful sites, wonderful food, combined with their knowledge and expertise, made it a trip of a lifetime. It was FABULOUS and I’d love to go back for more. Adam and Natalie showed us the best parts of Italy as well as the hidden gems. It was a fantastic experience and my most memorable trip ever!

Janelle D.

“What a joy it was to travel across northern Italy with Natalie and Adam as our guides! Their extensive first-hand knowledge of the area and their connections to winemakers in the region made this a truly one of a kind tour.

I deeply appreciate the thought and planning that went into every part of this trip. As someone who likes to take a lot of photos while traveling, we always seemed to be in the best spot during the best time of day. I especially loved watching the sunset from the top of the tower in Barbaresco. It was the perfect setting to enjoy a bottle of wine with fellow travelers and watch the changing colors on the vineyards below. Another highlight was our time spent around Lake Garda. The natural beauty of this area was stunning! One of the most memorable days of the trip began with a morning tour of the vineyards in Valpolicello. After that, we enjoyed a delightful lunch on the harbor, followed by a leisurely boat ride on a brilliantly blue afternoon. The day ended with dinner and a quiet evening stroll on the quaint mountaintop village of San Giorgio. The day’s events, combined with the fantastic choice of locales, couldn’t have been anymore perfect!

It is impossible to speak about this trip without mentioning the kind hospitality we experienced. All of our winery visits were outstanding in everyway. Whether it was a private tasting in a candlelit cellar, a late night conversation, a walk through the vineyard or an elegant lunch in their home, each winemaker made our visit a truly special occasion. Not only did I learn a great deal about wine but I was able to enjoy it in a relaxed setting with wonderful people. I left Italy with a new appreciation of the area, the people and the wine making process. Thank you Natalie and Adam for creating such an incredible trip!”

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