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Lombardia is a land locked region on Italy’s northern border with Switzerland, encircled on the Italian side by Piemont to the west, Emilia-Romagna to the south and the Trentino to the east.


The high mountains and the glaciers to the north are the source of the many rivers – including some of the country’s biggest and longest – which flow through the region. The Alps slope gradually in a southerly direction towards the hills and lakes of Brianza on the edge of the Po River, which is famous for its fog and rich agricultural land. The region has a continental climate that is characterized by significant temperature variations, but which in the areas around the lakes offers sunny and more temperature microclimates for viticulture.

Lugana happens to be the most picturesque wine region of Lombardy, located on the southern end of the vast Lake Garda, with its many fishing villages and castle-studded towns. The vineyards spread from the village of Desenzano, past pretty Sirmione and up to Peschiera, as well as in Pozzolengo and Lonato. Expect dramatic lake scenery here and some truly fabulous white wines, made with a clone of Trebbiano called “da Lugana” which is used in 90% of the white wine blends. Certainly the flagship wine estate in Lugana has to be Provenza, well loved for their captivating and refreshing white wines. The Estate lies about ½ mile from Lake Garda. Since it’s establishment in 1967 the estate has undergone some critical adjustments. Fabio Contato has almost totally given up oak in search for great freshness, supporting the Trebbiano variety grown in the clay soil around Lake Garda. Colli Storici of 100% Trebbiano displays a delicate bouquet of almonds and slightly salty semi-sweet flavor of citrus. Also Provenza’s Negresco is a modern “new world” style blend of Groppello, Marzemino, Sangiovese, and Barbera; full bodied and rich in fruits and spices.



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