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Pierre Cellier

Pierre Cellier

In 1977, following a request from a loyal customer, Philippe Gonet created the Pierre Cellier brand, naming it after his eldest son and his wife’s family name. The request was for a younger, more vivid wine than the current Gonet releases. It wasn’t until Pierre and his sister, Chantal, took over the business that this special brand was made available to other customers, starting gradually in 2001. The main difference between the two, family estate labels is the aging on lees in bottle. The Gonet wines see a minimum of three years on the lees before disgorgement, whereas the Pierre Cellier wines will spend a minimum of two years on the lees. The shorter amount of time on the lees generally allows for a fruitier, more ‘crowd pleasing’ style, yet it is still longer than the standard requirement in Champagne of 15 months.

The Gonet family continues to strive for improvement in both the vineyards and in the winery with a passionate focus towards sustainability. They are a part of a new group of certified producers under the HVE (High Environmental Value certification, or ‘Haute Valeur Environmentale’ in French). This new certification requires three tiers of progress be made before becoming certified, and the focus is on renewing biodiversity in the vineyards for a healthier ecosystem. The trends in the Champagne market are moving towards small-production, family-owned producers, showcasing the unique expressions found within their specific sites. In contrast with the larger, more homogenous blends from major houses, more and more growers are making their own small-production wines from unique terroirs within Champagne. We think you will find the site-specific terroir driven wines of the Gonet family quite exemplary.



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