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Le Morette

Le Morette

The verdant plains on the south end of beautiful Lake Garda is home to the 74 acres that comprise Le Morrette’s vineyards. From above, the landscape is a patch-work of farms and vineyards just southwest of San Benedetto. Nestled less than a mile from the lakeshore, the view to the north reveals a glimpse of the foothills that ultimately rise into the Alps.

For three generations the Zenato family have been caretakers of this pristine ecosystem. It is nature that motivates and inspires them, that guides their winemaking practices and philosophy and it is nature that works in unison with them to create such masterfully crafted examples of art in the bottle.

Today, the vineyards are tended by brothers Fabio and Paolo. Here, in the heart of the Lugana DOC in the quaint town of Peschiera del Garda, ancient glacial deposits manifested a unique strata of compact clay, limestone and marl. Soothing warm winds blow throughout the day and refreshing, cool winds in the evening allowed the grapes to maintain a palate-pleasing acid balance.

The name “Le Morette” refers to the most popular and protected species of mallard that nests in the Lugana area. The Zenato family chose this name to further demonstrate the importance that they place on the harmony of their winery with its territory. To ensure that they protect the delicate balance of this environment, they take the extra step of using organic fertilizers and natural substances from the vineyards to the cellar.



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