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Domaines Vinet / La Houssaie / Maleco

Domaines Vinet / La Houssaie / Maleco

The Vinet family show their dedication to the variegated terroirs of the Muscadet region in a unique way. When Gérard and Laurence married, both families had vineyards on different soil types from different villages. It was their vision to retain the individuality of these two locations and make distinct wines labeled under the original family domaines instead of combining them. Maleco falls within the venue of Domaine Vinet. Details of the domaine’s other two wines – De la Quilla, Saint-Martin – can be found by clicking here “Domaine La Quilla / St. Martin.” The faimly’s domaines span more than 60 years of Loire Valley history. Beginning in 1948, Gustave Vinet acquired the family’s first holdings, Domaine de la Quilla in the village of La Haye-Fouassière, just nine miles from the Atlantic coast. Today his son Gérard and his wife Laurence farm the diverse terroirs of the appellation, spread among the Cru villages of La Haye Fouassière and Château-Thébaud. The Vinet family take their vocation seriously, farming and studying the various soil types of the appellation and then translating them into distinctive wines with extended lees contact. The fact that Gérard has recently been appointed as president of both the Muscadet appellation and the entire Loire Valley shows his standing among his peers, and the standard of quality he upholds in the vineyards and in the winery.

The Muscadet region is just nine miles from the Atlantic ocean in the Loire valley, just south of the city of Nantes. We are currently in an exciting time for the Muscadet region. There are ten Crus that have recently been recognized for their superior quality and age-worthy wines. The Vinet family vineyards are found within two of these Crus, La Haye-Fouassière and Château-Thébaud in the heart of the Muscadet-Sèvre et Maine Appellation. The appellation gets its name from the two rivers that connect here just before the ocean in the far western corner of the Loire valley. The grape, Melon de Bourgogne, is used to make energetic wines that gain weight and texture through extended lees contact (lees are the dead yeast cells that accumulate after fermentation) and the wines are referred to as Muscadet. The Vinet family makes three distinctively different wines from the same grape grown on different soils throughout these two communes. They are marked by extended lees contact with the wines from Clos de la Houssaie, remaining on the lees for 2 years before bottling.



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