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Domaine La Quilla / Saint Martin

Domaine La Quilla / Saint Martin

The Vinet family show their dedication to the variegated terroirs of the Muscadet region in a unique way. When Gérard and Laurence married, both families had vineyards on different soil types from different villages. It was their vision to retain the individuality of these two locations and make distinct wines labeled under the original family domaines instead of combining them. For this reason, you will find the wines below registered and labeled separately. The small production sparkling wine Maleco is detailed on the Domaine Vinet producer page.

DOMAINE DE LA QUILLA It all started in the village of La Haye-Fouassière, just after World War II when Gustave Vinet begin farming 4 hectares called Domaine de la Quilla. Step by step, this property has evolved with Gustave’s son, Gerard, taking over the growing 8-hectare estate in 1981. Today, with the help of his brother and wife Laurence, this property represents the largest holding of the Vinet family at 30 hectares strong (74 acres).

DOMAINE SAINT-MARTIN Laurence joined forces with her husband in 1990, and with her came the family property in Château Thébaud, which dates to 1930. Domaine Saint-Martin is a special property of only 9 hectares and the wines are still being made in the same, proven, generations old techniques. The wine is held for at least a year until they have settled and are ready to sell. Laurence takes the lead in making this wine the “old-fashioned” way.



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