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A stone’s throw from the Italian border with Slovenia, veer north off of highway E70 into Cormons and discover one of Italy’s most natural and inspiring wine regions. In some ways, the region is a romantic throwback, like stepping into one of those great old films from the Golden Age of Hollywood. The vineyards, the people, the lifestyle are at once vibrant and colorful while being wrapped in a aura of genteel elegance and memorable style.

Here, among the tightly managed vineyards of BorgosanDaniele, brother and sister team Mauro and Alessandra Mauri display their unique sense of style and grace, overlaid onto a minimalist philosophy of winemaking.

They strategically focus on native Friuli grapes and the terroir of Friuli – nestled on the border of the Collio and Isonzo DOC zones. The siblings set irrevocably high standards on their 45-acre vineyard.

The pair’s dedication gets support from the region’s specialized terroir. Weather initially influenced by the Mediterranean is tempered by Slovenian winds. Limestone and calcium-rich marl soil lends lean crispness to the wines.

Mauro and Alessandra are pioneers in the DOC with high density planting, low plant vigor and a blending of organic and biodynamic farming practices.

The results?

Well-balanced, thoroughly integrated wines unquestionably exhibit Mauro and Alessandra’s passion for their vineyards and wines that they produce. They resist the urge to grow bigger: These vineyards, planted in 1988 and 1990, produce around 1000 cases of each label annually.

Careful vineyard management, utilization of native grapes, and the regions’ sympathetic soil type set the tone for BorgosanDaniele wines. In the end, all wines stay in cellar until absolutely ready to be enjoyed at their peak. It is not a whim – before release each wine must be mature and full. “The cellar is where the wine belongs until she is ready,” Mauro says.

The commitment hasn’t gone unnoticed. BorgosanDaniele is 1 of 137 wineries (900,000 total) in Italy to receive the coveted Three Glasses in the Gambero Rosso Guide more than 10 times. Such accolades have not affected the humble brother and sister. “It is not an easy task to present yourself when you are used to having your wines speak for you,” says Alessandra.

“There are many schools of winemaking. Our approach to the land, the grapes and the cellar is based on the idea that ‘the less, the better.’ Less production and more selection is the first principle.”

– Alessandra Mauri



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