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  • Red Wine, White Sand, Blue Water

  • 01 July 2013
  • With the 4th of July holiday just a few days away we thought we’d toss out a few fun recommendations for your festivity consumption. While crisp whites and dry ros├ęs are an obvious choice for any warm weather celebration, we would like to sprinkle some reds and a red sparkler in the mix for your poolside consideration. Here are a few that make for excellent sippers, especially when served slightly chilled.

    Ornella Molon Merlot

    A bright, fruit forward Merlot that it sure to liven up the party and put a smile on your face!

    Le Morette Bardolino Classico

    Light, playful, easy drinking that’s loaded with lush cherries and succulent strawberries. Definitely put a little chill on it and enjoy by itself or alongside some delicious barbecue.

    Demarie ‘Birbet’ Brachetto

    Vivacous, lively bubbles, jammy raspberries, strawberries and rose petals. This is a crowd pleasing winner for all occasions.

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