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The Uva Imports Philosophy

Europe and its wine heritage are legendary, the very essence of romance, allure and vinicultural intrigue. Our winemakers continue this heritage and are the experts when it comes to the terroir and best varietals for cultivation on their small, family-owned farms. Their devotion to the land, the process and quality makes our job easy.

These are the vineyards sought after by Uva Imports founder Adam Richard. For more than two decades, Adam has travelled the backroads, explored the medieval villages, walked the vineyards and built long-lasting, personal relationships with the families who comprise the Uva Imports portfolio. Many of these vintners represent third- and fourth-generations who continue as dedicated stewards of their prized farmland.

Just as the winemakers carefully manage every step from growing to bottling, at Uva Imports we continue that care by shipping and then transporting to our Atlanta warehouse in temperature controlled vessels. You may not find familiar names among our portfolio – we excel at introducing “unknown” winemakers and their remarkable wines to the U.S. market. These are the same treasures that you may discover when travelling through the EU and now find at your favorite wine shop or restaurant.

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